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What a pleasure to paraglide so super nice in this special country!

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Experienced pilots

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Enjoy glorious paragliding in this special country and meet the Mexican Hombres del Cielo!
This paragliding trip is the most recently added to our range of far-away trips to tropical destinations in our winter.
We have been organising these kinds of trips for 18 years now and the success rate of a top holiday has only grown over the years.

As always, we work again with expert local guides to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
They have vast experience as instructors and as organisers of trips and competitions.

just like the trips to Colombia and South Africa, we have again chosen flying areas with a very high chance of nice long flights.
But the rich history and culture of Mexico are also worthwhile and just a bit different from other trips.
Not to mention the Mexican things that make it really ‘typical’ after landing, like tortilla chips with Guacamole and a nice Tequila to go with it, with lemon and salt to stay in tradition.

4 Flying Areas

To get to know as much of Mexico as possible, we are going to fly in 4 different areas. And then we will stay in one place for several days each time, so you can get to know it a bit better there as well. A happy medium, actually.

As a warm-up, we start on the coast of the state of Nayarit where we can fly thermodynamically at Tecuitata along a 5 km ridge.
The takeoff is in a mango plantation and a few kilometers away you can see the Pacific Ocean.
We stay in the charming fishing village of San Blas where the people are welcoming and friendly.

Then we will spend a few days flying near the majestic volcano “El Gigante Negro” located in the municipality of Jala. No worries, this volcano is not active, the last eruption was in 1870. This area offers thermal flying and has good XC potential over an area with the most beautiful volcanic valleys.

We then adjourn to the state of Jalisco, home of the Tequila and Mariachi bands. It is one of the oldest flying areas in Mexico and has often hosted paragliding and hang gliding competitions. So it is a promising area for beautiful long flights near the beautiful Lake Sayula. This colonial magical town is a unique gem with its traditional cobblestone streets, wooden portals, Tequila cantinas and horses.

The final flying area is a 20-minute drive outside the town of Colima, and we will launch there from one of the most beautiful takeoff spots in Mexico. In that area there are many thermal and XC opportunities with very consistent flying conditions. We fly there with impressive views of an active volcano, which, by the way, is forbidden to fly, so we stay at least 5 kilometers away from it.


We will hold takeoff and landing briefings at each new flying site. We will have a look at the landing associated with the takeoff spot, in case you end up landing there instead of flying away. At the takeoff we will also discuss the details of the flying site, a flight plan and the weather conditions of the day.

Transport & retrieval

We use a bus and perhaps an extra car with driver(s) for transport to the takeoffs and for retrieval.
There is a retrieve service especially for us, so it usually never takes very long before you are picked up after a nice XC flight.


We stay in nice accommodations that offer sufficient quality according to our western values.
The packages are based on 2 persons per room and include accommodation and breakfast.
Near the accommodations are always nice plazas or cantinas to have a nice bite to eat in the evening and stroll around for a while.

About Mexico

Mexico is in the south of the continent of North America and we will be flying south of the Tropic of Cancer, so just in the Tropics, but it has a temperate climate. The official language is Spanish and few people speak English.

High season in Mexico runs from December to March. Many Americans have holidays during this period and have Mexico as a winter sun destination. From December onwards, several places are then also very busy.

Food and drinks are not expensive in Mexico; for a few euros you can have a delicious meal in a local cantina or taquería. Lunch is, unlike with us, the most important meal of the day. But when you get to really touristy places, you just pay our western prices for everything.

Mexico is a big country, almost 50 times the Netherlands. It is not safe in some places, mainly due to drugs crime, but that is mainly along the border with the United States. In the areas where we go, we are not bothered by that. However, normal advice always applies, such as that it is better not to show off a lot of money or expensive possessions. But that actually applies in any country or big city.


With this trip we offer a unique flying experience in a fantastic landscape, but not only for the ‘cracks’ among us, but for everyone who just wants to fly.
Furthermore, we believe it is important that all facilities are of a quality and level that we are used to in Western Europe.

A trip like this costs a considerable amount, but in return you get something very special. Probably a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure for most of us. However, many participants of similar trips still register again. Apparently it’s more than worth the cost!

You simply must do this paragliding holiday at least once!           Book now!

Other Information
  • Pilot level: Autonomous launching, flying and landing in thermal conditions with basic cross-country flying experience
  • Dates: 1 until 12 December 2024 (travel days Fridays 29 November + 13 December 2024)
  • Ultimate subscription: 30 June 2024
  • Price: €2.345
  • Discount: €100 early bird discount until June 15
  • Inclusive:
    • 12 flying days with guidance from Dutch and Mexican instructor/guides
    • 13 nights in shared room with breakfast in beautiful hotels (single room at request available)
    • Assistance in booking flights to/from Mexico
    • Airport group transfer
    • Meteorological information
    • Airspace and area information
    • Flying site briefings
    • Assistance on takeoff
    • Coaching in the air (thermalling & XC)
    • Local transportation and retrieval
    • Fuel and toll costs
    • Touristic excursions (transportation)
    • Action Photo & Video Service
    • Action Care Service
  • Exclusive:
    • Flight to Mexico (varying between €1.070 and €1.300 depending on airline and booking date)
    • Surcharge single room (price on request)
    • Local SIM-card (approx. €28)
    • Flying site fees
    • Lunch, dinner and drinks
    • Touristic excursions (entrance)
    • Insurances
    • Vaccinations

Book now!

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