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Escape the cold winter and enjoy the wonderful flyers paradise in South Africa

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For Advanced Pilots

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Just as in many previous years, in February we will again go to South Africa for a paragliding safari through the southern part.
The aim is for all pilots to make beautiful, enjoyable flights and to get to know the country and its people at the same time.

We have been there so many times now, but it still doesn’t get boring because of the diversity of flying sites and the enormously high probability that it will be flyable. And the nice thing is that almost every year we get to know a new flying spot.
These trips have been such a success in the past that the safari is booked up almost every time.

Flying area & sites

We have 3 areas from which we can choose to fly and stay overnight.
What really is unique about this trip is that we can go to those areas where the weather looks good.
In fact, our guides have 2 big accommodations themselves and at the third location we will use a hotel.

Where and when we fly somewhere is determined by where the weather looks best; so super opportunistic!
Partly because of this, itinerary is different every time and the trip is never the same. The areas we fly are:

    Cape Town area
    It’s almost a ‘must’ to have flown near or even at Table Mountain once. We don’t take off from there, but right next to it are some flying spots from where – in good weather conditions – you can still fly to Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles.
    Furthermore, there are more flying sites, both for soaring at the coast, and also for thermal flying more inland.

    Wilderness area (465 km east of Cape Town)
    This is a fairly rugged coastal landscape with several take-off spots to make beautiful flights at the Indian Ocean.
    Slightly inland, there are some really nice thermic flying spots and you can also do some fantastic toplanding.

    Porterville area (120 km NNE of Cape Town)
    Here you come to a totally different environment, namely a great area to fly cross country!
    It’s really inland and the climate is a lot drier and warmer here. There are several places for takeoff possible to make flights from 20 to 100 kilometres, so personal records are also regularly broken within our groups.
    You can fly near the mountains, but flatland flying is also fantastic there because of the great thermal opportunities. Many pilots experience their first ‘low save’ there; the flight is not really over until you touch the ground!

The flying

We are there at a time when the flying conditions are not the most intense. After all, we just want to fly nicely everywhere and are not aiming for world records.

So, at the Cape Town and Wilderness areas, we go soaring and that is in laminar steady winds, which may be a bit strong at times, but once you are in the air there is no problem. And in the thermal spots in these areas, the thermals tend to be mild.

Near Porterville, though, firmer conditions prevail and thermals of +3 m/s (and more) are certainly no exception. The thermals are usually clear and understandable, but there are sometimes days when it is all a bit more ‘Sporty’.
In the flatlands, the thermal bubbles are usually a lot quieter and as you get higher, they also get pretty big.
In any case, it is very fun and challenging flying here, with beautiful large birds of prey around you regularly and an impressive landscape with mountain ridges and flatlands.


At each new flying site, we will hold take off and landing briefings. We will look at the landing associated with the take off, in case you are going to land there instead of flying away. We will also discuss the details of the flying site, the flight plan and the meteorological conditions of the day at take-off.

Transport & retrieval

We use a minivan and a 4×4 car with drivers for transport to the starting points and for retrieval. The vehicles are all modern and reliable.
Because 2 vehicles are in use, it works efficiently and usually it never takes very long to pick you up after a nice XC flight.


Our guides’ accommodations in Cape Town and Wilderness are large houses with rooms set up to be shared by up to 2 people.
After flying, you’ll splash into the pool to cool off and chill there while enjoying a drink together.
A delicious braai (BBQ) is organised regularly with super tasty meat.

The hotel near the Porterville area is a lovely 3-star Country Lodge. It has modern rooms, its own restaurant, a gym and a swimming pool in the garden where you can ‘hang out’ after flying.

About South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country on the African continent. It borders countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to the north.

The coasts enjoy a Mediterranean climate with average temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees, making the country a popular holiday destination, especially during our winter. In the Porterville area, however, it is a lot drier and warmer than at the coast.

The time difference with the Netherlands is only 1 hour in February, which makes the chance of jet lag very remote.
Cape Town itself is of course a big city and has a lot of traffic, but beyond that, the infrastructure is fine.
The roads are good, although in the inlands we will sometimes drive on gravel roads.


With this trip, we offer a unique flying experience in an amazing landscape, but not only for the ‘cracks’ among us, but for everyone who just wants to enjoy flying.
Moreover, we find it important that all facilities are of a quality and level as we are used to in Western Europe.

The overall trip costs a fair amount, but for that you get something very special. Probably for most of us a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure. Nevertheless, many participants of previous trips re-enrol again. Apparently, it is well worth the cost!

This really is the ultimate dream holiday for paragliders!

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Practical Information

    • Pilot level: Club pilot+ | Autonomous launching, flying and landing in thermal conditions
    • Dates: 14 February until 27 February 2025 (travel days Thursday 13 + Friday 28 February 2025)
    • Ultimate subscription: 30 June 2024
    • Costs: €1.945
    • Inclusive:
      • 14 flying days with guidance from KNVvL (Dutch BHPA) instructors, local guide and instructor
      • 14 nights in shared room with breakfast in own and external accommodation (surcharge single room at request limited available)
      • Organisation additional overnight stay on last flying day Febuary 27 (February 13 to 26 is included, February 27 is optional)
      • Assistance in booking flights
      • Meteorological information
      • Airspace and area information
      • Flying site briefings
      • Assistance on takeoff
      • Coaching in the air (thermals & XC)
      • Local transportation and retrieval
      • Fuel and toll costs
      • Flying site fees
      • Touristic excursions (transportation)
      • Action Photo & Video Service
      • Action Care Service
    • Exclusive:
      • Flights (varying between €1.150 and €1.750 depending on airline and booking date)
      • Surcharge extra night on last flying day (to be determined)
      • Airport transfers (approx. €35 per transfer depending on private or shared transfer)
      • Temporary membership SAHPA / South African Hanggliding and Paragliding Association (approx. €45)
      • Local SIM-card (approx. €25)
      • Lunch, dinner and drinks
      • Touristic excursions (entrance)
      • Insurances
      • Vaccinations

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