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Paragliding Road Trip Colombia

Paragliding Roadtrip XColombia: Get € 300 off!!

What makes this trip fantástico ?

Just like the 3 previous years, we travel through Colombia for 2 weeks in January, from Medell’n to Cali (about 430 km). Scattered around that route we will be able to admire the beautiful country with coffee and sugar cane plantations in about 9 Flying sites and get acquainted with the extremely friendly Colombian people. And we are mainly flying everywhere … flying a lot!

Unknown makes unloved…

It looks like the next Paragliding Road Trip XColombia in January 2019 will not take place because of not enough participants. Sadly, there is still a distrust among many pilots to go to Colombia. On one hand about the FARC, but they are no longer there. And on the other hand about the cocaine production, but that only takes place in (jungle) areas, very far away from where we are flying.
We have now been in Colombia with groups for 3 years and our initial skepticism soon disappeared during our 1st visit. The Colombia where we come is absolutely safe!

Thermalling & XC flying!

The month of January offers a lot of thermals and is also excellent for XC flights. Before the take off there is always a briefing with, among other things, the possibilities of the day and the details of the flight site. If you want, there will be assistance with take off and landing and/or guidance in the air. And we have our own pick-up service, so that you can fly away with XC flights without any worries in order to fly tasks for your license or IPPI, or to improve personal records.

Take your chance!

Our local partners and we now have a one-time only Last Minute Promo Action for the Paragliding Road Trip XColombia .
Book no later than December 10th 2018 and profit from € 300 discount!
Discover Colombia with the Paragliding Road Trip XColombia from € 1,645 for € 1,345!

It is a considerable amount, however for this you will get a lot: almost a guarantee that you will fly a lot and a fantastic introduction to Colombia. Perhaps a ‘once in a lifetime’!
Do yourself a great favor and join this truly unique journey !

Other Information
    Included in this amount:

  • stay in luxury hotels (at least 3* or equal) in shard rooms based on bed and breakfast
  • local transport with driver(s)
  • all fuel costs and tolls
  • guidance by instructor(s) and local guides
    This amount does not include:

  • flight (currently between approx. € 650 and € 950)
  • lunch, dinner and drinks
  • takeoff and landing fees (about € 40 for two weeks)

More info can be found here and for questions you can e-mail us.

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