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This fabulous paragliding cross-country flying tour in Colombia is organised and run by Action Paragliding (NL) in collaboration with Flybubble Paragliding (UK). We are able to offer you something unique. Highly skilled XC guidance combined with a superbly organised trip. You will be guided by Flybubble’s top level XC pilots on your cross-country flights, and fully supported by the Action Paragliding’s team, so you can relax and focus on getting the most out of the flying.

Trip objectives

Our emphasis will be on maximizing airtime and cross-country flying, whilst minimizing time spent in the van. We will take full advantage of the daily conditions which are reliable most of the time. You will be flying with highly experienced instructors and XC pilots. There will be lots to learn to improve your cross-country flying, all within a beautiful and friendly environment. A combination of mountain and flatland flying. We want to give you the best flying trip of a lifetime!

Flying area & sites

In order to achieve our lofty trip objectives, we will be focusing on XC flying in the Cauca Valley (Valle del Cauca). For two whole weeks we will be flying in paradise, launching from the best take-off sites on both sides of the valley. In addition to the well known launch sites near ‘Roldanillo’, there are others, less known, but equally fantastic. We are able to offer flexibility, looking at the conditions of the day and deciding where best to go.

The launch sites are easy, grassy and spacious. The landings out can be thermic and are not always flat. However, for an XC pilot this should not be a problem.

The flying

You will find many majestic black vultures flying everywhere. They will show you the way and are willing to share their thermals with you, which is a super impressive experience! Cloudbase is often between 1200-2000 meters, enabling easy glide transitions to the next thermal. Thermal flying in Colombia is usually relatively smooth, but as always be prepared for the occasional stronger bubble.

The landscape offers a variety of mountain ridges and flatland. The combination of the two makes cross-country flying a little different and a bit more challenging than ‘just’ mountain flying! Flying the flatlands will force you to read the landscape and clouds in a different way.


Before take-off there will be a short, but comprehensive briefing where we will discuss the flight plan and the meteo conditions of the day. Ask any related questions and we will try and answer them. We want everyone to stay up longer, fly higher and further!

Transport & retrieve

We will have our own dedicated retrieve vehicle and driver. In addition to this there will be local transport available by bus or tuk-tuk, which can be fun. After landing out somewhere, you may well come across a local who will be more than happy to give you a lift back, it may be by car or on the back of a motor bike.


We will be staying in some of the best hotels. They are located close to the flying sites and are equipped with a spacious swimming pool where you can chill out at the end of the day.

About Colombia

Colombia is a large country, about as big as Spain and France combined. It is located near the equator and has no real winter and summer, but two wet and two dry seasons per year. The weather is also less controlled by pressure areas and fronts. There is mostly a calm wind with moderate thermals with an average of 3m/s. The temperature in the dry season is 25 to 35 degrees. The flying conditions in January are normally the best.

You may ask, is it safe? The security in Colombia has improved enormously in recent years, but there are still areas where terrorist organisations or drug cartels are active. The areas where we fly however, are far removed from those places and we have found it to be just as safe as Europe.

The Colombian people are very warm and friendly. They are proud of their country and call themselves the happiest people in the world.


This amazing XC Tour offers cross-country flying over the most beautiful countryside. It enables you to explore parts of Colombia and get to know it’s wonderful people. We have fallen in love with it!

Paragliding XC Colombia with Action Air Sports and FlybubbleParagliding XC Colombia with Action Air Sports and Flybubble


Other Information
  • Minimum pilot level: Autonomous launching, landing and flying in thermal conditions with at least some good cross-country flying experience
  • Dates: 20 January until 1 February 2019
  • Final registration date: 1 December 2018
  • Price: € 1.595
  • Included:
    • Hotel accommodation (sharing a room), including breakfast
    • Airport group transfers
    • Transportation to all take-offs
    • Full retrieve transport with dedicated driver
    • Fuel costs, toll costs, all take-off and site fees
    • Guiding by BHPA/KNVvL instructors, including greatly experienced Dutch paraglider pilot, guide and instructor Ronald ten Berge from Action Paragliding and top UK XC pilots Carlo Borsattino and Nancy Elliott from Flybubble Paragliding
  • Not included:
    • Return flights to Colombia
    • Lunch and Dinner
    • Alcoholic and soft drinks
    • Insurance
    • Vaccinations
    • Visa Expenses
    • Anything not listed as included

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